Make More Money - Today

Make More Money - Today

It’s been said over and over that “time is money,” but we also know this phrase is usually true in business. In the automotive glass chip repair industry, maximizing efficiency is not just about providing quality services; it's also about enhancing the bottom line.

It’s easy sometimes to overlook that speed and effectiveness must go hand in hand. We can be more efficient with chip repairs, but if they’re not done well, the value of our work is seriously hurt. On the other hand, we can be really effective at what we’re doing, but that can take more time. What we’d like to talk about today is how making more auto glass chip repairs - good repairs - in less time will have a really positive impact on your auto glass chip repair business.

Be Faster & Better - At the same time!

Glass Magic Professional resin gives you a professional way to complete auto glass chip repairs quickly. This means you can conduct a great repair in less time, and move on to your next customer. All this without sacrificing quality. In short, you’ll bring in more money in the same amount of time.

Your Customers Will Love It

Let’s face it - your auto glass chip repairs must be of good quality; otherwise, your customers won’t be satisfied, word can get around, and your business can take a negative hit. Quick turnaround times impress customers, especially when the repair is done very well, and is out their hair. You’ll know that it is a quality repair, and unlikely to cause you or your customer problems later.

Your happy customers will likely be back for the same or other services, and it’s a given they’ll share their satisfaction with others they know.

You Can Reduce Costs

Glass Magic Professional’s resin is 1-step... this is the efficient part. You don’t need extra components, a special bridge, or the best part - you don’t need 10 or 20 minutes to complete a repair. (The average with Glass Magic Professional is 2 to 3 minutes.) It's also important to know that our resin has a great flow, meaning it will reach into fine cracks very well; drilling is usually unnecessary. Plus, our resin, besides being truly 1-step, allows for water cleanup - efficiency comes into play again.

Helps You Have a Competitive Edge

Customers are more likely to choose a service that offers quick and reliable repairs. That business then has an obvious competitive edge. That business could be you the minute you start using Glass Magic Professional.

We understand you likely want to see how it performs for yourself. We understand that completely, and that’s why you can receive a free sample, right now. Give it a try and start making more “efficiency and effectiveness” a strong part of your work today.
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