Get Ahead Today With Our One-Step Resin

Get Ahead Today With Our One-Step Resin

Let’s Start at the Beginning

When it comes to repairing car windshields, we all know efficiency and effectiveness are paramount. Traditional windshield repair products often require multiple steps, consuming both time and effort. However, with Glass Magic Professional, repairing windshields is quicker and more convenient. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of using our one-step resin over its multi-step counterparts.

The Real Deal, Part One: Time-Savings

One of the most significant advantages of using our one-step resin is the time saved. Traditional repair kits often involve a series of steps, from cleaning and applying a bonding agent to curing and polishing. With Glass Magic Professional, your entire process is streamlined into a single application. This drastically and obviously reduces the time you have to spend on a repair. This feature is particularly beneficial for busy shops who cannot afford to spend extended time on each repair. Plus, the more repairs conducted is an easy equation - you bring in more revenue over the same time period.

The Real Deal, Part Two: Consistent Quality Results

Our one-step resin formula ensures consistent and reliable results with every use. Since multi-step repairs introduce variations in each step, the chance for inconsistencies goes up - a lot. The uniformity of Glass Magic Professional is one of its great capabilities... you get fast, good repairs time after time.

The Bonuses

Glass Magic Professional is truly one-step, we’ve described that. It also provides consistent performance, and this is a known fact. There a bonuses in that our resin flows easily - most repairs won’t need drilling or other preparation since the resin will quickly seep into fine fractures. It self-finishes, and cures quickly (2 minutes or less!); it does not yellow with age. Last but not least, it will work with your existing bridge and pump assemblies.

It’s a Wrap - Glass Magic Professional is the Winner

Here at Glass Magic Professional (GMP), we have never shied away from “prove it.” You can try the GMP resin for yourself by asking for a free sample right on our website. We also have a great review video and other information any auto glass repair professional will find interesting. (This includes the “smash-hit” demonstrations GMP had at Auto Glass Week shows.)

Give us a call anytime with questions, and hop over to our free sample request. You’ll be glad you did.

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