Why This Chip Repair Resin?

Why This Chip Repair Resin?

We’d like to share a story that most of our customers and readers will find easily relatable. Like many in the auto glass repair field, it all starts with a connection in some way to a love of cars.

Richard had always been passionate about cars. From a young age, he was fascinated by their mechanics and their looks. Later, his passion led him into a career in auto repair. Eventually, he found his niche in auto glass chip repair, and he served a large area in a huge Texas metropolitan city.

Customers appreciated his attention to detail and dedication to providing quality repairs. Even still, Richard was always looking for ways to improve his services and streamline things. There’s no secret that competition in this field can be feisty, and he wanted to have an extra “edge” for his service.

While attending Auto Glass Week in San Antonio, Richard came upon the Glass Magic Professional (GMP) booth, showcasing our name sake resin: a one-step resin for repairing glass chips. Intrigued by the promise of quicker repairs and better results, Richard watched the demonstrations closely. He figured out pretty quick that he wanted to try the resin.

Back at his shop, Richard wasted no time in testing. He admits being surprised at seeing just how effective GMP is. He, like anyone who’s used it, saw that it significantly cut down on the time required for each repair. With his prior method, he would have to go through several steps, sometimes even having to apply multiple layers of resin (a lot of us can relate to this syndrome). But with our one-step resin, he could complete the entire chip repair in a fraction of the time.

This is a story we’ve heard more than once - not only was Richard able to make more repairs in less time, but the quality of his repairs also improved. GMP filled in the chips more effectively, leaving behind a super-smooth surface and virtually invisible repairs. Importantly, customers were happy with the results, offering feedback about the fast and virtually flawless work.

The newfound efficiency, plus superior quality of repairs, helped improve the bottom line. Richard was able to take on more clients and expand his business with additional service techs. Again, it's a story we’ve heard before.

If you haven’t tried Glass Magic Professional, it’s very easy to do - simply ask for a free sample on our website, and we’ll get it sent to you right away. Elsewhere on this site is a lot of information you can review about the many benefits of our resin, and please accept our invitation to explore. But when you try it for yourself - that’s when you’ll know, and we’re convinced you’ll love it.

If we can answer any questions for you, please don’t hesitate to call! We love hearing from professionals in the field anytime.
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