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Glass Magic Professional

Resin - 1 Liter/Litre Size

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Our rock chip resin is simply the best.

As we all know, many resin products require you to buy more than one liquid component - one for pit fillers, one for crack repairs, and even a pit polish. We are proud to say that we have designed an all-in-one resin. All you need is one bottle. It's easy to apply, cures quickly (with no yellowing) and is water soluble so it's also easy to clean up.

We are certain that once you use our resin, you will never go back! Contact us today for a sample bottle and see for yourself. You'll find yourself wondering if there really is magic in our bottle of resin!

Each bottle contains 15ml. Save on quantity orders using the options below. (Tip: Need a larger quantity, like 30? Simply select either the 10 or 15 pack then increase the quantity of the pack on the checkout screen.)


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